Maryville University
Office of International Student Success
This form is for F-1 International Students who are requesting a reduced course load for medical reasons.
Student Information

Ex. 0123456


If you are interested in additional accommodations in relation to your documented medical condition, please contact the Director of Disability Support and Success at 314-529-9374 or
While it is not required that documentation meet all of the guidelines below, these guidelines may provide an example for what we typically look for within documentation.

1. The diagnosis is clearly stated
2. Information is up-to-date
3. The diagnosis is supported with test results, observations or other means to diagnosing specific conditions
4. Recommended credit hour enrollment is stated and justified.
5. Evaluators' professional credentials are established

By uploading this documentation, I understand that it may be reviewed by the Director of Disability Support and Success for evaluation purposes and shared with the Coordinator for International Student Success.

Statements of Understanding